We were always people in motion

Figuring out life

Slowly, little by little

But little did we know

That the winds change, flowers bloom, new leaves start to grow

The past is the past now

Ain’t nothing about that

is truly real

We tried to figure it out

Long nights

Long days

Going nowhere

Lost in motion.

I just can’t seem to recover

What bits we lost.



Scorpios are tough

But you might not know that

They hold an endless current of emotions inside them

They just don’t always express them.

Scorpios are hard to read

But it’s because..

They’ve been through so much

Nothing really fazes them anymore

And they need to put up a guard

To prevent unwelcome intruders

Scorpios are resilient

They go through so much and still manage to continue on with their life, making sure that others are okay, before tending to themselves.

There’s so much bad rap that scorpios get

But I feel like they are truly trying to just get by in this world.

They feel alone inside so they reach inward for their own strength, because they know that that won’t fail them.




A lot of the traumas I’ve experienced shaped me to be the person I am today.

Defying moments

When friend meets foe

and Your whole world comes crashing down

What do you do?

What do you do?

When you’ve never really felt happy

Walking through life with heavy steps

Never thinking that things will change

What do you do?



The Thing Is

You never know when you might lose them

When the thought just builds up

And you realise that

Maybe you were too late

That feeling sucks the life out of you

Knowing that you

Could have done something

That would have prevented everything from happening

Maybe it’s a bit naive

But I believe that everything happens for a reason

But the stupid thing is that

Life took you away too soon.

It was never meant to be you.



I am a lone traveller

Travelling into the far unknown

I only have a wooden stick in hand

As I traverse the cold unknown

I wish you were here with me

Because truth is, the cold hurts

Things aren’t the same since

You’ve been gone.

But there’s nothing I can do

My hands are tied

There’s nothing we can really control

In this world



Remember when we were young

Long hair flowing

Running in the fields

Under the shining sun

Remember all the adventures we had

You weren’t just

Someone I knew

You were


That I felt

Was too good for this world



Sunshine dying

Sunsets deforming

Nature wildening




Depression is horrifying.

I don’t wanna be here most days.

Every day is pretty much the same

In and out

Lost souls

Wondering for something

To believe in

What do I do..

To rid this pain in my


Inexplicable pain


Existential pain.

They said it gets better

And i know it does, but

Sometimes the weight of the world is too


And I just want to disappear for days


Don’t have to deal with people

Because the truth of the matter is

Even though I look fine on the outside

I’m suffering.





Hi! I'm Jess. I use they/them pronouns. Love to write and express myself through my words.